Friday, August 26, 2011

European Samoas Cookie

Do you remember what your favorite cookie was when you were a kid?  Well… Mine was the Girl Scout cookie called Samoas.  The perfect caramely coconutty cookie! Yes I did just say that, Spell check hates me right now.

 I have had a problem because ever since we moved to Sweden Girl Scout Cookies are not an option.  Until now… I came across a post from Claudia at What's Cookin' Italian Style Cuisine for these delicious little treat, she is a genius! So, here is my version of her Samoas cookie. I like to call them the European Samoas cookie… The richness of the homemade caramel makes them so delicious! 

European Samoas

½ Cup               Sugar   
¾ Cup               Butter
1                        Egg      
1 tsp                  Vanilla or vanilla powder
2 Cups               Flour    
½ tsp                 Salt
4 Cups             Coconut
1                      Batch of Microwave Caramel
1or2 Tbsp        Whipping cream
2 bars               Good Milk Chocolate
1. Mix Butter, sugar, egg and Vanilla.
2. Slowly add in flour and salt.
3. Push dough into bottom of a 9x13 pan.
4. Bake at 350°f/177°C for 20 minutes.
1. Put coconut in a microwave safe bowl and microwave on high for 3 to 5 minutes. Stirring it every 30 seconds, until it is all toasted.
2. Take the batch of caramel (if there is any left…) heat is back up in the microwave with 2 Tbsp of cream for 1 or 2 minutes. Just until its soft again.  
3. Add toasted coconut and spread over cooled crust. Refrigerate for an hour then cut into bite size squares.
4. Melt Chocolate and dip bottoms of each square. Drizzle remaining chocolate over top. Enjoy!


  1. Omg these look incredible! The girl scout samoas cookies are my favorite, but these look even better! Thanks for sharing :) Buzz!

  2. These look super yummy! I think I know what I am bringing to my next gathering. They look too dangerous to make for home I'm afraid I'd eat the whole batch, lol!

  3. Good grief, that looks naughty but good! ;)

  4. It's my first time hearing this delicious sweets! Oh I love it. Chocolate, caramel and my favorite coconut!!! Irresistible... My first time here and I'll be following you via facebook!

  5. I so remember these cookies!! Yours look better to me, I like how thick they look. Thanks for sharing, I'm totally bookmarking this recipe!

  6. My favorite girl scout cookie, too! I'm certain your version is a whole lot more delicious :)

  7. Mmm these sound sooo good! It's girl scout cookie delivery time and these came in the other day. They look wonderful :)

  8. Oh I love making homemade samoas! These look absolutely fantastic =)

  9. I on't know which I like more Girl Scout Samoas or making up my own words.. Don't worry about spell check the deliciosity of these will stan alone LOL

  10. Thanks for all your comments! I appreciate them so much. I hope you all enjoy these cookies, I know I did! Shhh don't tell but I am making another batch today! Yum.
    Thanks Again!

  11. Holy crap! Can you send me a batch please?? These look so dangerously delicious!
    -Elyse @The Cultural Dish

  12. Heaven! Those are totally my favorite cookies.