Thursday, February 12, 2015

2011 to 2015... maternity leave? Sure!

I'm back! A lot has happened since 2011... How the hell does that even happen? 2011 and its 2015? Really? I will start by filling you in on the last 3ish years... My last post I had just found out that I was pregnant, well now as I type this I have a cute little 2 year old jumping on me. I gave birth to our beautiful little girl Chloe in May of 2012 in Sweden. She decided it was time to come a week late after 3 days of labour.  Here in Sweden they do not believe in inducing unless it is the last resort, I was miserable! But the 8 lbs 3 oz little beauty stole my heart and has every day since.

I know I use to focus this blog on just food, but I decided that it is going to cover all the Jazz of being  Mommy, Wife, and life being an expat in another country. Over the last few years I can't even begin to tell you the help I have received from other moms living in similar situations.  so here we go.... Again!

Meet Chloe. The feistest little girl I know and her trusted sidekick Stella!

I can't wait to start sharing again and really look forward to fill ya all in on the crazy!

Thanks for sticking around!